2019 Rules


Perch Fee:  $100 Per Bird or 6 Birds for $500

  • After 6 Birds Additional Perches are $90 Each

  • Perch Fees are due when birds are sent to loft

  • Perch Fees are non-refundable

  • 12 Bird Limit Per Breeder

Entry Fees:  $250 Per Bird (Due Before Race 1)

  • Entry Fees are due before Race 1

  • $250 Entry Fee applied to Race 3 & Race 4 Prizes + Average Speed Ace Pigeon Prizes

  • All active birds on a breeder's team must have entry fees paid before Race 1 to maintain prize eligibility.

  • Any Injured birds not capable of competing in races will have their status changed to non-active

  • If any paid entries are lost before Race 1 (after you already sent entry fees) they will be refunded

  • Optional $50 Champion Point Bird Category (Due Before Race 1 - 95% Paid in Prizes)

  • Optional Champion Point Bird determined by special point system (Click Here for Point System)

Ship Birds to:


Jon Hans / Gold Country Challenge

6120 Chrysler Circle

Garden Valley, CA 95633


(530) 409-2485


Email:  hansfamilyloft@gmail.com