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News Updated with Info on Friday's Bad Toss

Training will resume around 8/22 or 8/23


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The Gold Country Challenge has been held for 8 years and in all 8 years we have had 80%+ Returns on

the Final Race and at least 45% Home on the Day on the Final Race.  We've never had a "smash" race

in any of the 30+ total races flown in 8 years.  If you prefer one loft races that actually resemble normal pigeon races

where the drops are spreadout but the returns are good.... then we would like you to consider the GCC for 2016.

Every year we have good competitive races where your birds have the oppurtunity to show their best.

The proof of the quality of a good one loft race over time comes down to race results and returns.


RPM 507 AU 2015


The 2016 Gold Country Challenge consists of (4) Races (165, 215, 285, 334 Miles)


Contact Information:

Gold Country Challenge

6120 Chrysler Circle

Garden Valley, CA 95633


Email Matt Hans at:


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