Site Updated For:  May 15th, 2017


Today May 15th is the last day to mail new entries unless you already prepaid perch fees

and made arrangements with Jon.  Replacements will continue to be accepted into June.


We have reached our goal for number of birds this year and we have also reached the cutoff date.


Thank You to everbody for supporting the Gold Country Challenge again in 2017!



Please See Rules & Contact Info Before Sending Birds


Please Mail Birds to:


Jon Hans

6120 Chrysler Circle

Garden Valley, CA 95633


Phone (530) 409-2485



Race Dates (Subject to Change due to Weather):

Race 1 (165 Miles) - October 15th, 2017

Race 2 (215 Miles) - October 22nd, 2017

Race 3 (265 to 285 Miles) - October 29th, 2017

Race 4 Final (334 Miles) - November 5th, 2017


Perch Fee & Entry Fee Costs Remain the Same for 2017

2017 Projected Payout will be posted soon but will be very similar to 2016



Stewart Harvard 2016 Winner

Stewart Harvard (Marengo Creek Farms) with 2493-MCF 1st Place Winner 334 Mile Final 2016


Email Matt Hans at:


GCC Loft

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