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2019 Rules will be finalized soon but will be mostly the same.

 4 Races from the same distances.  Same Entry Fee/Perch Fees



Race 4 of the 2018 Series (334 Mile Final - Deeth, NV) was flown 11/3/2018


4 Birds on First Drop @ 1488 YPM.  Congratulations to Chuck Hughes & Mark Heimann (H & H Flying Circus)

who won 1st Place in Clock and also 1st Nominated Point Bird/7th Overall Ace Pigeon with same bird.


Also Congratulations to Equal 1st Drop Winners: Fleet Washington, Dan & Greg Coury, and Kay & Denis Eastwood


Fleet Washington was Overall Big Winner for series Winning 1st Place Overall Ace Pigeon + 11th & 14th Ace Pigeon


Click Here for Overall Prize Distribution Chart for Entire 2018 Series (All Prizes/Total Payout)


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