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Updates Section Updated with Final Race Recap


Race 4 (334 Mile Final - Deeth, NV) was flown 11/3


4 Birds on First Drop @ 1488 YPM.  Congratulations to Chuck Hughes & Mark Heimann (H & H Flying Circus)

who won 1st Place in Clock and also 1st Nominated Point Bird/7th Overall Ace Pigeon with same bird.


Also Congratulations to Equal 1st Drop Winners: Fleet Washington, Dan & Greg Coury, and Kay & Denis Eastwood


Fleet Washington was Overall Big Winner for series Winning 1st Place Overall Ace Pigeon + 11th & 14th Ace Pigeon


Click Here for Overall Prize Distribution Chart for Entire Series (All Prizes/Total Payout)


Birds will start being mailed out USPS on Tuesday 11/13

Please let us know if you want your birds back or not. 

Shipping will be deducted from winnings otherwise contact us and please mail a check for return shipping


Prize Checks will also be mailed starting 11/13

If you won more than $600 you will need to mail or email a completed W-9 Form  



Release Notes from 11/3

Driver Josh reported birds circled for just over a minute and then headed towards the freeway/home headed SW

Weather at release was mostly cloudy with a little bit of sun peaking through the clouds and some breaks in clouds

Temperature was 35 degrees with calm to very light winds.

Skies should be mostly cloudy to partly cloudy for the first 100 miles


Weather forecast Saturday is partly cloudy most of the course.  Temperatures mid to upper 60's in Nevada and upper 70s to low 80's at the loft

Winds are forecast to be 5-10 MPH headwinds for the first 100 miles or so, then 100-125 miles of very light crosswind to light headwind

then about 75 Miles of a 5-8 MPH tailwind, with the last 30-40 Miles being calm to light variable winds

I expect birds to arrive around 3:00 PM with speeds in the 1300's



Photos of Release Area Prior To Release

Deeth 1 Deeth 2 Deeth 3

Deeth 4 Deeth 5



Loft Address is:

6120 Chrysler Circle

Garden Valley, CA 95633


Prize Payout is Posted (Click Here)

There are some great prizes and a good distribution this year with a variety of ways to win prizes.



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