Site Updated for: May 19th, 2019


Unless you have already made arrangements with Jon.....

New Entries are no longer being accepted for 2019


Replacements will continue to be accepted into early June


There are 4 or 5 breeders that have already made arrangements to send birds in the coming week to week or two,

but with the exception of those breeders the race is now full for 2019 and closed to new entries.

We now have well over 500+ entries which is the number we wanted and a number the loft will comfortably hold.


Thank You to everyone that sent birds this year and has supported the race either this year and/or past years.


Overall health of the birds has mostly been very good throughout the spring but there have been a handful of sick birds

of late some of which didn't even make it through quarantine.  This is common in May with the larger number of birds now here

and weather conditions heating up and changing drastically each week.  It's presently pouring rain and very cold as I write this

and we have had multiple storms the last couple days.  The birds are on several health supplements including oregano in the water

and most of them will skate through this period just fine.  Some of the older birds are already complete with the body moult and look beautiful.


Settling new birds has been a bigger problem than usual this year as seemingly every other time out a large female cooper hawk

is hitting the birds either off the roof or in the air sending birds scattering everywhere.  Often times younger inexperienced birds are out

and some of them just bolt and apparently get too far away.  The neighbors across the street have also been finding piles of feathers

in the heavily wooded areas on their property.  Unfortunately this particular cooper hawk is crafty and picking off birds that go to trees across the street.

Birds are being locked up for the next several days with all the bad weather and hopefully she moves on.  If you are missing a bird or birds we will contact you.

- Matt


Jon Hans

6120 Chrysler Circle

Garden Valley, CA 95633

Phone: (530) 409-2485




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