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*** Please note the Gold Country Challenge is not affected by the Newcastle Virus Quarantine Zones in Southern California. All four counties under quarantine in Southern California are 350-450 Miles from the Gold Country Challenge. These are the same counties that have been under quarantine in some past years for the same problem. Northern California has not had an issue with Newcastle Virus in many years. We also fly the NE course from Nevada which is also unaffected. Please ship your birds as planned, there are no issues here. Only breeders from those 4 counties are restricted from shipping and/or moving birds. All of Northern California is fine. ***


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February 2019 - We are now accepting birds for the 2019 Gold Country Challenge series


Please send youngsters that are around 38-50 days old and already eating/drinking well on their own.


Please Ship Birds and Perch Fee Checks to:


Jon Hans

6120 Chrysler Circle

Garden Valley, CA 95633

Phone: (530) 409-2485




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